In these trying times, Valtus, Europe’s leading premium interim management firm, reputed for its expertise in corporate transformation, is determined to stand by its clients. It will be providing concrete operational support – the company trademark – free of charge. The firm’s partners have decided to make senior-level experts on corporate transformation available to its clients, pro bono, to answer questions and contribute insights, expertise and guidance throughout the confinement period.

A support team of specialists familiar with crisis situations has already been mobilized. Effective immediately, any corporate client that so desires may benefit from this support over the phone or via a video conference call.

We are ready to assist clients with their issues, particularly regarding:

  • finance (e.g. cashflow problems, cash management and questions about the possibilities of financing from the BPI France investment bank)
  • human resources (e.g. setting up partial business activity, provisions of the French public health emergency bill and employer obligations)
  • production / supply chain (e.g. securing supplies, inventory management, cost control, adjusting production capacities and supply chain resilience)

Valtus will cover all of the costs of this operation and compensate the members of the support team in thanks for their valuable contribution to this effort of solidarity.