Our Talent Team

A one of a kind structure in this industry, our Talent Team is entirely dedicated to referencing, selecting and building loyalty among our interim professionals. Always listening, our Talent Consultants make our community of executives their top priority. They are their main contacts before and after each assignment.

Our Talent Consultants are executive search experts. What is their mission? To precisely analyze each of the candidates’ profiles in order to gain a firm grasp of their personality and skill set as well as their expectations. What is the purpose? To ensure the best match for each assignment.

Thanks to their vast experience and acute ability to really hear what is being said, they know exactly how to quickly assess each candidate’s strengths and identify where s/he would be most effective.

They each specialize in a specific area. This enables them to clearly understand each client’s real needs, get to know our interim managers better and more efficiently pair them up.

In addition to their knack for finding one-in-a-million managers, the Valtus Talent Consultants train a committed team and build close ties with our interim executives. They guide these champions over the long term and provide privileged, ongoing support when and where needed.

Our Talent Team

Florence Villemain

Partner, Talent Team

Béatrice de Cordoue

Talent Consultant

Valérie Augustin

Talent Consultant

Sophie Baccetti

Talent Consultant

Murielle Maux

Talent Consultant

Shirley Michel

Assistant, Talent Pool

A Valtus assignment

The initial diagnostic report

During the first 10 days of an assignment, the interim executive will analyze the situation and pinpoint the client’s obstacles. Then s/he will recommend a detailed action plan indicating which projects are the top priorities, what results are expected, and the timeline needed to complete all the step. This will be the roadmap for the assignment.

Implementing an action plan

Once the plan has been approved, the interim executive will implement it, guided by the Valtus Partner throughout the operational phase. S/He will present regular progress reports to the client, in keeping with the forecasted timeline and deliverables.

The final recommendations

The interim executive will complete the assignment with a final report, itemizing the results achieved, the areas to keep an eye on, and recommended next steps. This document will ensure a smooth transition of the leadership over to our client’s teams, and enable them to pursue the work initiated.

When the assignment is over

What next? We highly recommend to keep one's profile in the Managers Portal up to date at all times with one's latest skills and specific expertise as well as the dates when one will be available to take on new assignments. This will improve one's chances of being selected when the right options arise.
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